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Velvet Business Cards with Spot UV

Velvet UV business cards word often keep our customers confused. They ask what is the difference between Spot UV and Velvet UV. Just to clear the misconception created by us at the outset. There is nothing called Velvet UV. Confused, velvet is the business card paper type on which Spot UV is applied which is said Velvet UV cards. Spot UV business cards effect can be applied on any paper stock may it be art paper or velvet card.

In US & European market, hardly anyone will understand velvet card. For them it is called silk business cards. As name suggest these card are as soft as silk. The thickness can be as much as 450 gsm. These are soft to touch but hard cards. They have smooth matte lamination and are waxy in nature. These are most premium card we have in stock. They have suede like texture and also labelled as Suede visiting cards. Thickness of these cards is 350 gsm and 380 gsm.

Having understood the type of velvet card. Now lets turn to UV effect, how it can be applied and will it enrich. UV is not whole card coating but just for images or text which is a glossy film. This glossy film if applied to say logo will make that portion shine and highlight in comparison to the rest of the card. This gives it an intriguing shadow like nature. It is worth noting that the highlighted portion once touch will cease to have velvet finish as glossy film is already applied on the portion. Those portion where film is not applied will have velvet finish.

Reflection thus created after applying the UV effect creates contrasting view points. This make it look visually captivating. It gives it a slight raised finish kind of effect which is not as predominant as embossed. You can opt for both UV and embossing also on the velvet stock of cards. We recommend our customers to go with this type of card.

Suede business cards offer rich, velvety type of texture, which is creamy and soft to touch. At the same time they are thick, strong and durable. Gold foiling, edge painting, special after effect is possible on these cards as well.

Currently, we are taking orders of 500 cards and above per employee name for this cards. To place order kindly visit our visiting card page.

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