We print delivery challans in A4 and A5 size in both landscape and portrait format with 1,2 and 3 colors with upto 1+3 booklet printing. Cover is white paper 70 gsm and inner pages are 60 gsm color sheets for duplicates.


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A5 Size 1+1 Booklet
₹ 300/- for 1 pcs
3 Days Production
1 Color 50 originals
A5 Size 1+1 Booklet
₹ 525/- for 2 pcs
3 Days Production
1 Color 50 originals
A5 Size 1+1 Booklet
₹ 725/- for 3 pcs
3 Days Production
1 Color 50 originals
A5 Size 1+1 Booklet
₹ 975/- for 5 pcs
3 Days Production
1 Color 50 originals
A5 Size 1+1 Booklet
₹ 1500/- for 10 pcs
3 Days Production
1 Color 50 originals

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[+] Production is number of working days it take for product to get ready.



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A5 Size

[148x210 mm
14.8x21 cm
5.82x8.27 in
1748x2480 px]


A5 Size Landscape

[210x148 mm, 21x14.8 cm
8.27x5.82 in, 2480x17480 px]


A4 Size Portrait

[210x297 mm 21x29.7 cm,
8.27x11.69 in, 2480x3496 px]


A4 Size Landscape

[297x210 mm, 29.7x21 cm
11.69x8.27 in, 3496x2480 px]


Delivery challans come with duplicate and triplicate copies. Duplicate copy means it will be 1+1 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 1 duplicate copy. Triplicate copy means it will be 1+2 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 2 duplicate copies. These books are widely used by almost in all companies for delivery confirmation of their products. Proper maintenance of the record and no major qualification required for using these delivery challan books is an advantage.

Paper used

Parent copy can be printed on 70 gsm maplitho white paper or higher and duplicate/triplicate copy is printed on color paper of 56 gsm thickness. We can customize your order if you are looking for a thicker parent copy or duplicate/triplicate. You can also go with white duplicate copy instead of the color paper. Rates will be higher for thicker paper.

Printing type

We employ single color, two color and multi color printing for parent copy. Duplicate and triplicate copies are mostly printed in one color as this copy is for retention only at company and will not be given to customer. Multi color bill books are expensive than the 1 color books.

Size of bill books

Challan book standard size is A5 size. A4 size is the size of the normal photocopier paper. When A4 paper is folded from the center it becomes an A5 size paper, so A5 size is exactly half of an A4 paper. These booklets can be printed in A4 size as well. If you are looking for customized size delivery receipt book then rates will be additional, as if size even if little more than A5 size will be charged for A4 size. The higher rates will apply as paper comes in fixed sizes like A2,A3,A4,A5 etc. Any customized size will result into wastage.

Carbon-less paper printing

We also offer carbon-less paper printing for bill books and vouchers. As name suggest with these carbon less paper printing you donít require carbon sheets to be inserted between the pages which saves times and look professional.

Perforation and hard bound

All pages parent, duplicate and triplicate copies are neatly perforated for seamless tearing off. We offer hard bound cover for these pads, we can also offer customized cover printing for cover.

Serial numbering

We offer free serial numbering on these bill books at no additional cost.


Do you print challans in other than 70 gms paper as well?
I wish to print more than 10 nos. but your website allow for maximum 10 nos.?
If I place order for two designs 5 each then will I have to pay rates for 10 bill books?
I am not sure if my uploaded design is perfect for printing?
Will I get a digital proof after placing the order?

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Flyers A5 Sizes

A5 Size:
A5 Size is exactly half of an A4 size. A4 Size paper folded from the center makes A5 size.

A4 Size:
A4 Size is same size as letterhead and photocopier paper.

Custom Size:
We do print bill books and delivery challans as per your custom size as well. To know details, contact us.
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Printing Color

1 Color:
Printing only in 1 single solid color, without any gradient. Black and grey are considered two different colors

2 Colors:
If your artwork has maximum 2 colors then you can select this option.

3 Colors:
When there are total 3 colors used in your design, for costing of more than 3 color printing, kindly contact us.
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Booklet Type

1+1 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 1 duplicate, there will be 100+100 total 200 pages per booklet.

1+2 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 2 duplicates, there will be 50+50+50 total 150 pages per booklet.

1+3 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 3 duplicates, there will be 50+50+50+50 total 200 pages per booklet.
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