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Delivery Challan Printing
We print delivery challans in A4 and A5 size in both landscape and portrait format with 1,2 and 3 colors with upto 1+3 booklet printing. Cover is white paper 70 gsm and inner pages are 60 gsm color sheets for duplicates.
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Product Details Size Expected Courier Units
A4 Size - 1+2 Booklet - Multi Color - 50 originals A4-210x297 mm 08-06-2023 1 nos.
A4 Size - 1+2 Booklet - Multi Color - 50 originals A4-210x297 mm 08-06-2023 2 nos.
A4 Size - 1+2 Booklet - Multi Color - 50 originals A4-210x297 mm 08-06-2023 5 nos.
A4 Size - 1+2 Booklet - Multi Color - 50 originals A4-210x297 mm 08-06-2023 10 nos.

Carbon required bill book printed on white bond, colored pages with perforation & binding.

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[+] We Offer Cash on Delivery (COD) & online payment to more than 25000 pincodes.
[+] Above prices are inclusive of GST, check our complete price list.
[+] Free Delivery all over India, Bluedart/Fedex etc delivery 1 to 4 Days after courier for most postal code.

Download Blank Templates

A5 Size

[148x210 mm
14.8x21 cm
5.82x8.27 in
1748x2480 px]


A5 Size Landscape

[210x148 mm, 21x14.8 cm
8.27x5.82 in, 2480x17480 px]


A4 Size Portrait

[210x297 mm 21x29.7 cm,
8.27x11.69 in, 2480x3496 px]


A4 Size Landscape

[297x210 mm, 29.7x21 cm
11.69x8.27 in, 3496x2480 px]

Information about Delivery Challans

Delivery challans come with duplicate and triplicate copies. Duplicate copy means it will be 1+1 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 1 duplicate copy. Triplicate copy means it will be 1+2 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 2 duplicate copies. These books are widely used by almost in all companies for delivery confirmation of their products. Proper maintenance of the record and no major qualification required for using these delivery challan books is an advantage.

Paper used

Parent copy can be printed on 70 gsm maplitho white paper or higher and duplicate/triplicate copy is printed on color paper of 56 gsm thickness. We can customize your order if you are looking for a thicker parent copy or duplicate/triplicate. You can also go with white duplicate copy instead of the color paper. Rates will be higher for thicker paper.

Printing type

We employ single color, two color and multi color printing for parent copy. Duplicate and triplicate copies are mostly printed in one color as this copy is for retention only at company and will not be given to customer. Multi color bill books are expensive than the 1 color books.

Size of bill books

Challan book standard size is A5 size. A4 size is the size of the normal photocopier paper. When A4 paper is folded from the center it becomes an A5 size paper, so A5 size is exactly half of an A4 paper. These booklets can be printed in A4 size as well. If you are looking for customized size delivery receipt book then rates will be additional, as if size even if little more than A5 size will be charged for A4 size. The higher rates will apply as paper comes in fixed sizes like A2,A3,A4,A5 etc. Any customized size will result into wastage.

Carbon-less paper printing

We also offer carbon-less paper printing for bill books and vouchers. As name suggest with these carbon less paper printing you don't require carbon sheets to be inserted between the pages which saves times and look professional.

Perforation and hard bound

All pages parent, duplicate and triplicate copies are neatly perforated for seamless tearing off. We offer hard bound cover for these pads, we can also offer customized cover printing for cover.

Serial numbering

We offer free serial numbering on these bill books at no additional cost.


Do you print challans in other than 90 gms paper as well?
Yes, we do print in custom paper like 70,80,100,120 gsm etc as well.
I wish to print more than 10 nos. but your website allow for maximum 10 nos.?
If you are looking for printing more than 10 bill books for your company then we can offer you great discounts, to know more, kindly feel free to contact us.
If I place order for two designs 5 each then will I have to pay for 10?
If your both companies designs are different then you have to pay for 5 x 2 nos.
I am not sure if my uploaded design is perfect for printing?
If you are not sure your uploaded design is perfect for printing, you can email us your design and get it vetted from our design team, alternately you can upload and place the order, minor issues will be resolved by our team.
Will I get a digital proof after placing the order?
Yes, the digital proof of the order design is available in the customer panel.
There are how many pages in 1 booklet?
1+1 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 1 duplicate, there will be 100+100 total 200 pages per booklet.

1+2 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 2 duplicates, there will be 50+50+50 total 150 pages per booklet.

1+3 Booklet:
Booklet will have 1 original and 3 duplicates, there will be 50+50+50+50 total 200 pages per booklet.
Do you accept online payment, paytm etc?
Yes, we accept more than 200 online payment options - 6 Credit Cards, 58+ Net Banking, 97+ Debit Cards, 13 Prepaid Instruments, 15 Bank EMI.

Customer Reviews

Bill Book

3.9 stars - based on 83 reviews

Only 2-3 websites which are offering bill book printing for such a less quantity and price. Best part about their website is it is hassle-free you may not have to go to the local printer for getting a bill book design and printed.
You can design it on their website which may take time that is the only drawback which I can think of.
But feature wise it is quite ok. Price of the bill book is also very competitive I have ordered from multi colour bill book and it has came out quite well.
Would advise to go with multicolor A5 size bill book.
  4/5 stars

I was looking for Bill book printing for my company and found few website including theirs. The price on the other websites for lesser than their website but one side check closely they were offering the size which was a A6 size which is lesser than A5 size which infact was half of A5 size so that is very small size for Bill book printing.
By reducing the size to half and offering it at a lower price is not a good business practice therefore I decided to go with Whizz prints and it appeared as it was a good decision as a product which I received was with great finish good paper quality bond paper and decent print quality as well.
  4/5 stars

I ordered for a bill book from one of the online website after getting the delivery I was shocked as a size was very very small. They have mentioned the size in mm which was quite confusing and it turned out that it was an A6 size of that often A5 size.
After the mistake I checked for other site which are online and this time want to do my homework quite well so I talk to the Whizz Prints support team and they explain to me in detail a different sizes like A5 and A4 and I ordered for A4 size bill book which was 4 times bigger than my previous order with other company.
I like the transparency they offer and their product qu
  5/5 stars

I ordered for carbonless Bill book of triplicate with 10 quantity book with a duplicate and triplicate copy. This option was not available on their website ordering page test file called and Mr Abhishek was quite helpful you not only described how a carbonless bill book look like but also assisted in getting my design corrected and making it print ready.
Previous week I have received my printed bill book and their looking nice.
I will recommend everyone to go with carbonless bill book as though it is more expensive but it saves a lot of time in carbon paper insertion.
  4/5 stars

Our is Kanpur based Pharma company.
Every month we require lot of stationery items like business cards, letterpads, bill book, GST, challan etc.
We get all our stuff printed from Whizz Prints, their price is very reasonable. They dont get your order struck for weeks, printing and delivery is quite fast.
  4/5 stars

We are into IT related business. Order for a sample bill book. It was delivered free of cost in Bengaluru.
Price of multi color seems to be a bit on higher side but paper quality is very good just like letterhead. I will give positive feedback and 4 star to them.
  4/5 stars

Myself Himanshu, graphic designer from RK Puram. I regularly order stationery like business card, letterhead from this website.
Placed last order for duplicate set of invoice books. It has came out well... It will be easy if you start giving reseller discounts for your products.
  5/5 stars

Thing i like about their site is we can design all booklet, challans there are lots of format GST etc available. It is easy to design, upload logo.
There is no need to email, pay for design or hire someone. I may order with you guys in future.
  4/5 stars

We have Gold Gym franchise in Chennai. Got business cards and payment challan copies printed in duplicates.
They have good printers colors are rich. It was sent via Fedex and reached in just 2 days.
  5/5 stars

Order 20 books for our clinic and few pads for prescriptions.
All have come out well. Want better rates as we have regular ongoing business. Also looking forward to big size envelope for x ray films.
  4/5 stars

Ordered a sample booklet. I though it was carbon less but it was my mistake for carbonless you have to place order by contacting them. Place order for 10 booklet carbonless. Printing is good.. Advise everyone to go with carbonless printing as it will save time in writing.
  5/5 stars

They have commendable customer support team. I was not having any logo or design of my company for printing GST invoice book. Their design team explained to them how we can design it for free from their website. There were lots of design available, Sneha was of great help.
  4/5 stars

Not happy with the delay in courier service. It got delivered 3 days after getting couriered. Ensure that your order get delivered promptly if you want repeat business from your customers.
  3/5 stars

Our company use to order bill book and challan copy from nearby screen printer. We use to print single color black and white copy. Tried there multi color booklet. Binding, packaging everything was perfect. Will order in future as well. I recommend their products.
  5/5 stars

I have use whizzprinting website few times to print different stuffs. They process order quickly. Received my GST bill book with HSN code serial numbering within 5 days. Quality is decent, print is same on all pages. Choose multi color bill book it looks great.
  4/5 stars

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