We offer promo table with and without printing with free delivery in India via Fedex. Promo table are printed on high quality laminated eco solvent vinyl for best output.


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Promo table
₹ 2299/- for 1 pcs
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₹ 6500/- for 3 pcs
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In last few years, we are witnessing an unprecedented growth in outdoor display items. Standee & canopies are the one which comes first to the mind. Not far behind is promo table, these tables are robust and can fit in a person. As these are still limited in use, therefore they do have new appeal which catch audience attention.

These are portable, easy to carry & assemble. It comes with black carry case. They are made of either composite ABS body, plastic body or thick MDF board. These are weather resistant & can withstand strong winds. Made of professional graded material which are industry level tested and are reusable which change in display banner.

We have started offering these display counter as late as 2015, and they are showing good growth. Being market leader in standees, we were unsure how it will be taken in a price driven market. But to our surprise its growth is in no way less than standees.

Promotional table features

  • Light weight - around 6 kg
  • Banner - Solvent, Eco Solvent with & without lamination
  • Portable, Easy to carry
  • Black carry case
  • Hidden shelf to put important items
  • Multi color printing
  • PP Plastic
  • MDF plastic
  • Reusable
  • Stable fold-able aluminium frame
  • Easy to install and de-install
  • 90% print coverage area

Promotional table Size

Promotional table comes in fixed size which is big enough to accommodate a salesman. Dimensions are listed below:

Overall: 26 inch width x 75 inch height x 13 inch depth
Counter top: 31 inch width x 36.5 inch height x 16 inch depth
Header: 32 inch width x 8 inch height

Banner Printing

We can both solvent or eco solvent media for banner to used in promo table depending upon the budget. You should not print your banner in flex or star flex as they don't come with gumming like vinyl. Flex and star flex need to be glued for pasting or tapes which will not last for too long and it will not be visually appealing as well.

Solvent vinyl also known as normal vinyl or eco vinyl which is known as digital vinyl can be used. We at Whizz Prints, provide promo table with eco vinyl pasting and it comes with lamination. You can choose from matt or gloss lamination, both at same price.

Banner size is displayed in the promo table size photo. As these are digitally printed you need to provide image in high resolution preferably minimum 300 DPI for best print quality.

How can we use promo table

You are free to use promo table as you like. We have listed some of the applications, list is non exhaustive:

  • Filling Survey
  • Admission Inquiry
  • Product Promotions
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Campaign for societies
  • Awareness campaign
  • Information counter

Assembly & Delivery

We offer free delivery of these promotional tables all over India via Fedex. These are easy to assemble and carry. You will receive flyer and video link as demo which you can refer to in case you find assembly difficult. It has very simple to use structure without thousands of joints or bolts. Installation can be done by most of people in less than 5 minutes.

Alternate Products

If promotional table is not the one which has gain your interest than you can go with standees or canopies. Standees star flex cost is lesser than that of promotional table. Standees are available in 2x5 and 3x6 ft size. Canopy are available in 4x4x7 ft and 6x6x7 ft.

Changing the banner

If you wish to change the promo table banner than you can place order for banner. Order for eco solvent banner you can order for custom size as displayed above and it will be delivered to your place. Now you can replace earlier table banner with the new one.


Do you print promo table in any other material apart from vinyl?
I wish to print more than 5 nos. but your website allow for maximum 5 nos.?
If I place order for two designs 1 each then will I have to pay rates for 2 promo table?
I am not sure if my uploaded design is perfect for printing?
Will I get a digital proof after placing the order?

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Promo Table Print

Without Printing:
These will be blank promo table without any printing. Body color of promo table will be white, you can paste banner or even sticker on these promo table.

Eco solvent vinyl printing on all 4 banners with gloss/matt lamination.

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