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Plastic Envelope Printing

What is the need for plastic envelopes

Plastic envelopes are required as they are more secure than the paper and cloth envelopes. Weather can be really testing in India making them a safe bet for transporting of important documents.

As per a recent report of Mid quarter 2016 of stationery printing items by Indian Printing Association, there is 14% y-o-y growth in the sale of these envelopes.

Obviously it would be too naive to credit the complete growth to the effort of the printing industry when 40% of the plastic envelopes available in major metro are non commercial. What is driving the cost is not just safety but price point advantage as well. With cloth envelope costing similar to plastic envelopes their is more taker of the later.

We have new variant of these envelopes known as security envelopes. These security envelopes are of one time use, that is once they are teared apart you simply can't repack the content like you do in ordinary paper envelopes.

Type of plastic envelopes

  • Envelopes with snap closure
  • Zip bag envelopes
  • Envelopes with zip lock closure
  • Top open envelope with string tie closure
  • Tuck in envelope
  • Plastic envelopes with velcro closure
  • Envelope with open top button closure
  • Envelope with open side button closure
  • Translucent envelopes
  • Envelopes with business card holder
  • Plastic envelopes with semi circular top closure
  • Plastic folders
  • Clear PVC zip bags
  • Self seal closure
  • Courier envelopes
  • Security envelope

Sizes available in plastic envelopes

Plastic envelopes are available in various sizes. There are certain sizes which are available from the manufacturers. For custom size envelope we require bulk quantity as the same needs to be prepared.

Normally there are wide range of sizes to choose from. These size are available as per the requirement. For sending cheque we have cheque size envelopes. If you need to courier a folded A4 size or letter size paper than you require 9.5 or 10 point envelopes.

It is available in 9.5x4.5 inches, 9x4.5 inches, 9.25x4.25 inches, 10x5 inches, 10x4.5 inches etc. There is also requirement of sending across the invitation card size paper also known as A5 size envelopes.

We have listed below some sizes which area available in the open market. Kindly note that all size may not be available for all the options listed above.

  • 9x4.5 inches
  • 9x5 inches
  • 9.25x4.25 inches
  • 9.5x4.5 inches
  • 10x4.5 inches
  • 10x5 inches
  • 10x7 inches
  • 9x12 inches
  • 10x12 inches
  • 12x15 inches

Color available

Plastic envelope are available in variety of undermentioned sizes.

  • White
  • Translucent color
  • Translucent white
  • Clear transparent envelopes
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • Pink brown

Printing options

You have the option of either branding your plastic envelopes or to without any branding. If you have a corporate setup and registered company logo then it is recommended to go with the branded version. You can do branding mainly in 3 ways either get paper sticker and paste them on to these envelopes, you can do screen printing of your logo, tag line or address via screen printing in 1 or 2 color.

If you want creative design then you can go with offset printing as well which will require printing on PVC or plastic and then making of the envelopes. Offset printing will require bulk quantity to make unit cost manageable. You should be looking for minimum order quantity of 1000 or above for offset printing.

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