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Flyer distribution service

Direct mailing vs distribution

Before deciding between both direct mailing and distribution ways of reaching out to your target audience, you should finalize on paper and qty of flyers you should print . You can print your flyers on either semi gloss or matt paper, as too glossy paper is difficult to separate.

Print quantity should be more to get benefit of lower printing and distribution cost. If your target audience is definitive like you are catering to only a locality say coaching classes then mass distribution via newspaper insertion should serve the purpose. If you are in say b2b market and your target audience is widespread and not limited to a local market then direct mailing will be helpful.

Distribution strategy

Your distribution strategy should be adaptable and cost effective. You should make both long term and short term goals. Few unsuccessful run shouldn’t hamper your sprit to stop the distribution completely. In fact you should always stay patient and open to new ideas and ways to reach to your target audience. Before even thinking about distribution strategy you should always think first about target audience.

Defining your target audience is important, even if you are selling a generic item than also it is better to sell it to a specific target groups rather than whole universe, if you are not a champion. You can choose from newspaper insertion, direct mailing, door to door marketing, handout, distribution at events and exhibitions. Distribution cost will vary as per medium of distribution.

Test piloting

Before going forward with the complete distribution it is always safe to test pilot the distribution. You can start with a small market or target audience and if it’s well you can replicate and go ahead with the distribution strategy. While selecting test pilot location and target audience always select average as too easy market segment with highly likelihood of conversion can make you over confident. Result of test should not make you change your distribution strategy significantly.

Choosing vendors

After test piloting it is time to get back in to the field, select vendor locality wise, play the patient game and fight hard for bargain price. Wherever feasible try to maintain relationship with these vendors for better future deals and understanding. In newspaper distribution it is important to closely watch if only 1 flyer is going per newspaper or not.

Cost of distribution

Newspaper distribution rates will depend upon cities like in Mumbai and Delhi you could be charged Rs 300/- to Rs 350/- per 1000 distributions, for other mode of distribution rates will be more like direct mailing can cost upward of Rs 10/- per local courier for bulk quantity. Handout and even, exhibitions distribution rates will be at premium as set by organizers.

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