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Different type of papers for brochure printing

There are different paper available for printing your brochures. Customers are often confused regarding which paper to select and often come to us for guidance. There are no straight answers to this question but we can select paper as per the type of brochure we are looking at.

Brochure paper is dependent upon type of folding:-

No fold - No fold brochure is also referred as single sheet of paper printed either on single side or both sides. Many people refer to this as both flyers and brochures. As a matter of fact there is no difference, single sheet of paper is also known as pamphlet or flyer. Ideally we go with art paper for this type with thickness ranging from 100 gsm to 300 gsm.

Lesser than 100 gsm is also available but that is recommended for bulk quantity as lesser quantity will not see any reduction in unit cost.

Single fold - these have just 1 fold from the center. Again paper thickness can be 100 gsm to 300 gsm. For more than 170 gsm thickness, creasing need to be done as folding by hand will have teary marks. Lesser than 170 gsm paper can be hand folded as well.

Central pining - this is an option in case number of sheets in brochure is more than 1. It is same as single fold just that there is extra pining at the center.

Perfect bound - when number of pages in the brochure are more than 50 pages, then it become bulky to handle and pining will not be enough. We should go with perfect binding which is also known as book binding when number of pages are more. For perfect binding you can go thicker cover which can be 300 or 350 gsm and 70-130 gsm inner paper.

Wiro or Spiral bound - wiro and spiral bound is alternative to the perfect bound. This is easy to bind option as there is no minimum order quantity as is the case with perfect binding.

Brochure paper as per the printing colors

Creative design can also be determinant for selection of the paper. If your design is rich in creative graphics with full solid background color on both front and back then you should go with thicker paper at least 130 gsm. For full solid background color lesser thickness paper can have color to be visible on the reverse side as well. You can see this in newsprint as well. There can be difficulty in reading the text.

Art paper in general is quite good in locking the color and making it stay on the paper one side only. There are certain texture paper and background paper which can also be used for a specific texture finish. Recycle paper are also good in printing rich creative graphics.

Paper to used for international shipment

India is also an encouraging destination for getting your print items at an attractive prices. For international supply, it is always better to avoid too thick a paper. 300 gsm paper will be 3 times more thicker than 100 gsm, so carriage weight will also be 3 times of that of 100 gsm. It is advisable to print higher paper thickness brochure locally from local market. Lesser thickness brochure, magazines, news print can be outsourced to other countries.

Select paper as per brochure finish

What kind of after print finish is required on the brochure is also a major selection criteria for paper. If you are looking for spot uv effect, then paper need to be matt laminated before application of spot uv effect for which at least 170 gsm paper is recommended. Same is the case with foiling may it be gold or silver foiling.

If you want pocket in the brochure for flyer insertion that also you should go with thicker brochure 300 gsm with pocket paper thickness of 170 gsm or 210 gsm.

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