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Change your Standee Banner in 4 Easy Steps

Roll up standee is more than easy way of displaying your brand. It is portable and simple way of displaying your brand to audience at large. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor. It is available in sizes like 2x5 ft, 2.5x6 ft, 3x6 ft, 4x6 ft etc. Many times customers wish to know how they can change the standee banner.

All standees delivered by Whizz Prints comes with the banner pre installed, so it becomes ready to use unit, you have to just pull out the standee from the case and use it. We are attempting to list below the step wise approach to change the banner without damaging the standee. In case you have a broken standee, you can read how to repair your broken standee. Only once your design is completely fit then only you should change the banner.

Step 1 - Type of Standee & Existing Banner

1st step is to find out the type whether it is a roll up, x banner, double side roll up. The procedure to change banner may differ for different types. Also it is important to know if you wish to use your existing standee banner or if that can be discarded. In case it needs to be reused proper cutting and removal is required.

It needs to be noted that used banner can not be again used for standee as the length will be shortened up after removing from top and bottom. There won't be any further margin at top and bottom for pasting again.

Step 2 - Lock standee and remove banner

As standee height is 5 ft or more it is advisable to ground the standee before doing any exercise. It is easy to remove banner in the grounded position as we can easily control the moment of the banner and there won't be accidental release of the banner resulting into damage. We have to start with putting lock on the standee base in both left and right hand base of the standee after grounding standee from upright position with the stand at the back. Lock will ensure that after removing from the back there is no rolling down.

Now we have to remove banner from the top by removing the tape and glue. In case it is hard glued with the bond then you can remove by cutting the portion of the banner. Cut so that there is minimum loss to printed banner portion, if you wish to use it in future. In same way remove banner from the bottom.

Step 3 Pasting the banner

After removing of the banner we have to replace it with the new one. Before starting with the pasting, kindly double check if the banner is of the same size as that of the standee. 3x6 ft standee won't fit into 2x5 ft banner. Few customers complaint that they are unable to change the banner because they have printed them in wrong size.

Before ordering the new one for replacement check the size of the standee available at your end. Always start pasting from the top with the help of 1 inch cello tape and apply bond adhesive so that it fix well. This will also ensure that it remain intact and in position for longer duration of time. After pasting from the top, go the footer and paste it in the bottom panel.

Step 4 - Checking and rolling in

Now you are done with the replacement part. But still its important to check if pasting is correct and the banner rod is in perfect size, you may require to cut the banner rod in case the height of the banner is smaller than rod. It is a general practice by standee manufacturer to prepare standee rod 4-6 inches extra in length so that longer banner can be used as well. In case rod length is more white part will show at the bottom of the standee which will look odd.

It is important as well to do proper rolling in and rolling out of the standee.

If your standee is 3ft in width i.e 36 inches in width then you should print your banner in 34 or 35 inches, 1 or 2 inches lesser than the width, so that there is smooth rolling in.

Once you are done with the removal read 7 steps to take care of your standees.

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