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3M Car Wrap film in India

3M a leader with proven high end technological products is a safe bet if you wish to go with car wrap film. Today's younger generation see their car not a mere vehicle for transportation but a style statement. Make it be a 2 wheeler motor bike or car, they want it to reflect their personality. Gone are those days when you settle with pre defined solid colors. Not just full car wrap, pattern pasting, vinyl branding is evidently used.

You can easily connect with messages like 'Baby on Board', 'You are following....' etc. Option is up to the customer, if they wish to go with full car branding, or just highlighting few selected portion like hood, car panels, windows, rear mirrors etc. 3M car wrap film 1080 is in business for just this purpose from years. They offer removable, cast film which offer vehicle detailing, decoration & full car wrap. These are available in more than 100 colors with various pattern, gradients to choose from.

3M car film is easy to remove & it leaves minimal adhesive residual behind on removal of graphic. Literally there is hardly any loss to the car paint or surface. This is not just an advantage but a very significant reason you should go with 3M car film. We often think, why to worry about removal part as I am going to keep this for eternity. Deep down you know this is not going to happen, with change in season & mood, something exciting will always awaits you. Also film may appear dull after 3-5 years if proper care is not taken.

3M is available in India with 76 car wraps as on Jan 2018. 45 out of 76 of these wraps take around 3-7 working days for completion of the job. These are available in carbon fibre, matte & gloss finish. It is recommended to use these wraps on factory paint car. It is best for decoration & make your car stand out from the crowd but should not be seen as substitute to dents or accidents marks on paints. Dents will be visible even after using these wraps.

We have discussed before how to paste car decal. Before starting with the pasting work make sure that body of the car is 100% clean. You can use mixture of 2:1 of ISA (Iso Propyl Alocohol) and water. It's a good cleaner as it won't leave any residue behind which may struck with the paint and make the adhesive go weak. During pasting work, avoid using too much force in any one direction. These wraps are stretchable wraps, at least 3 professionals are required to complete this wrapping job.

It is better to use heat gun than torch as torch may apply more heat & permanently destroy the vinyl surface. When applying heat using heat gun don't apply too much heat to single area of vinyl and temperature should not exceed 66 C. Even 3M car wrap film which comes with the warranty of 3 years requires due timely care. It can get degraded by prolonged exposure to Sun, Snow, atmospheric pollutants. Make habit of parking your car in the shades if you are living in this kind of weather else you can also using car cloth cover at night.

Never apply to strong detergents for cleaning the graphics use 3M recommended cleaners. As production color vary from lot to lot. There can be slight color variation of the same color or gradient when ordered at different time. This may show adversely on the car. It is important to remember and note the film color by lot number, so that in case of future ordering same color pattern can be procured.

We offer advanced printing on 3M car wrap film with your company branding, personal touch up. We offer both printing and pasting services at affordable rates for both corporate and individuals.

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