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Custom shaped business cards - Die Cut

Custom shaped business cards are in demand these days. Companies and businesses are looking at ways to differentiate them from the competition.

When more than 95% of the visiting cards in the market are in regular shape and 3 to 4% with round edge or square shape, their is just 1% market occupied by these custom shaped cards.

You can look at this in other way that by choosing these cards you will be looked at differently. There is chance of high brand recall. Consider this if you are a Car Agency or a workshop for repairs and service, and your cards are a replica of car model. You would definitely catch attention and it may be shown to other people who can turn to your brand as well. Garments shops like ladies tailors can think of having a gown or a saree dress as a cut out shape.

There are few shapes for which die cuts are ready made available with printers. You can directly order shapes like mini business cards, round edge business cards, square shape cards, triangle shape, circular shape etc. It is not necessary that everyone will be having all these shapes available with them. You have to always pay a premium over and above the regular rectangular visiting cards for these custom shapes. Extra price is for making die cut shapes and cutting required. Also there can be additional 5-10% wastage during cutting process which add on to the cost.

There can be various criteria for selection of the custom shapes. Your selection may depend upon following parameters.

  • Company logo
  • Products like - ice cream, garments, shoes, electrical goods
  • For multiple products stay away from highlighting just 1 product card even if you sell it in majority
  • General shapes like round edge, die cut shapes, mini cards, square cards etc
  • Folding cards
  • Innovative shapes which has nothing to do with your business or products

As per out customer experience at Whizz Prints, we can say roughly 70-80% of customers choose from logo, products or general shapes.

Effects available for custom shaped cards

Apart from the die cut visiting cards shapes, you can also highlight your cards with the various other ways which add to its beauty. You can consider one or the combination of these:-

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matt lamination
  • Spot UV effect
  • Embossing
  • Engraving
  • Screen printing
  • Gold, silver and metallic foiling
  • Velvet cards
  • Metallic cards
  • Texture cards
  • Recycle paper

Simple or complex shape cutting

Custom die cut shape cards is not as simple as it sound. This involves cutting after die making which can be simple if its a simple shape and complex if its a complex one. Question that would be in your mind is how will we know what is simple and what is complex.

When the edges are minimum and smooth then it is refereed as simple shape else complex. Higher the complexity in shape, higher will be the die making cost. Cutting cost though will be same but as precision cutting is required it will result into addition in wasting thus further adding to the cost.

Sampling of custom shaped cards

As these cards will involves 3 process exercise, 1st being the printing, 2nd being die making and 3rd die cutting. As sample is not possible till 3rd process is completed therefore sampling though is possible but cost will be v high and almost same as the complete cost itself.

As we at Whizz Prints use professionals who have expertise in die cut custom shape cards, you can without worrying order with us. We offer you high quality precision cutting without any mistakes.

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