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CD Stickers and CD labels Size, Design & Templates

CD Stickers are offered by Whizz Prints. These are self adhesive which are 6 or 8 stickers in 1 sheet. This needs to be peeled off and pasted on to the CD. This is do it yourself type. We offer CD sticker printing starting from 24 qty. Other option is CD duplication & stamping where there is direct writing and then printing on them. Later one is employed for bulk quantity i.e. 500 pcs and above where economy of scale is there. For lesser than 500 or 250 pcs you can go with sticker.

Customer often ask us the size of these stickers. There are mainly 2 sizes available one for regular size CD/DVDs and another is mini size CDs. Both CD and DVD is of same size. Whether it is readable only or writable doesn't matter. I most cases these promotional one are read only.

CD Label size in MM (Millimeter)

Size for the complete CD will be 116x116 mm. Circular dia portion is in 38x38 mm. It is important to note that many times we receive design file where circular portion at the center is cropped without any design. For labels, there is no need to crop the center part, as cutting is done automatically by printing machine. If you will leave the potion blank that may extent outside. So keep design without considering there is circular portion at the center. There should be 1 design in 116x116 mm. Image resolution should be minimum 300 DPI. Important text should not be near cut area. Bleed area of 5 mm to be maintained.

CD Label size in CM (Centimeter)

Size for the complete CD will be 11.6x11.6 cm. Circular dia portion is in 3.8x3.8 cm.

CD Label size in Inches

Size for the complete CD will be 4.567x4.567 inches. Circular dia portion is in 1.496x1.496 inches.

CD Label size in Pixels

Size for the complete CD will be 1370x1370 inches. Circular dia portion is in 449x449 pixels. Kindly note the pixel size is given considering you are designing it in 300 DPI. If you keep DPI more than size will increase proportionately.

In above size, we have not consider the mirror band which is another 7 mm. After adding mirror band size of inner circle will be 45x45 mm. There are companies which do not print on mirror band. But we at Whizz Prints offer you with full printing. It is also known as print to groove. You have to check all colors are in CMYK format only for printing. All RGB colors should be converted to CMYK format. Registration colors should be avoided. In CD design don't use font size which are lesser than 6 pts. For variable data writing on stickers leave a white block. You can write with permanent marker on these labels.

Mini CD size in MM is 76.2x76.2 mm, in centimeter it is 7.62x7.62 cm. This becomes 3x3 inches. Mini CD that is why is also called 3 inch CD.

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